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Communicating Research workshop

01.02.2018 - 9:30am
Water Rats

Are you a communications professional in a research charity? Constantly looking for creative ways to turn 'scintillate scintillate orb carbonaceous' into 'twinkle twinkle little star', and with added impact? Want to meet others working in the same field and hone your craft?

Then come and join us for our one-day interactive workshop, focused on research communications. The day will cover an interactive masterclass on the essentials of writing about research and how to achieve effective communications, with special guest Dr Kat Arney sharing her top tips for story telling prowess.

Click on this link to register and complete our Eventbrite registration form. Ticket sales for this event will close on Monday 29th January 2018 . For any queries please email Sarah (s.hazell@amrc.org.uk).


09.30 Registration and coffee

09.50 Welcome

10.00 Let’s get quizzical, AMRC facilitated

With an awesome prize or two for the winners, this pub quiz takes unravelling complicated sciency stuff to a whole new (and mildly ridiculous) level.

10.15 Telling a great story, Kat Arney

Stories are a powerful form of communication that span all ages and cultures, from Spot the Dog to mighty historical epics. They engage our minds and emotions, and can even change the world. Like any other human activity, science is full of stories – and the challenge for science communicators is figuring out how we discover and tell them.

In this interactive workshop we’ll find out what makes a good science story, how to find and tell them, and how you can use stories to help your organisation build engagement and interest. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Former science communications manager at Cancer Research UK, Dr Kat Arney is a science writer and broadcaster whose work has featured on BBC Radio 4, the Naked Scientists, BBC Focus, Times Educational Supplement, the Daily Mail and more. She has written two books about genetics, 'Herding Hemingway's Cats - Understanding how our genes work' (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2016) and ‘How to Code a Human’ (Andre Deutsch, 2017).

12.15 The Mad Hatter’s Lunch (provided)

13.15 I got 99 problems, but complex research aint one, AMRC facilitated

Time to put Kat’s masterclass into practise. You’ll need that super tricky, overly technical, too early to have any real impact piece of research you’ve been struggling with communicating and find the wow within. 

14.15 The Mad Hatter’s refreshment break 

14.45 Your mission should you chose to accept it, AMRC facilitated (group work)

This session will challenge you to get creative with your method of communicating. Bonus points for being as entertaining as possible.

15.15 The final performance, AMRC facilitated

The spectacular finale – but we’ll keep that as a surprise for now. But it involves a judging panel who’ll award points for creativity, accuracy, and flair.

15.45 That’s a wrap

16.00 Programme concludes, but networking continues in the bar!