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1 October 2015
AMRC and NIHR co-hosted an event this month- Getting the Most Out of Clinical Research. Take a look at our overview of the day and key themes drawn from the presentations and breakout sessions.
24 September 2015
Our new infographic ‘Medical Research Charities: investment; innovation; impact’ shows the extent of the charity sector's investment, the types of research it funds and some of the impacts resulting from this research.
7 September 2015
Claire Large, Executive Director at the Dunhill Medical Trust discusses the Trust's new programme to improve health and social care for older people.
20 August 2015
A tour of the highlights of the UK Health Research Analysis 2014 report, from Sara Ellis and Gemma Luck.
20 July 2015
Marie Curie discusses its new strategic plan to increase its reach and support more people living with terminal illness, including simplifying the strapline to explain the charity's aims more clearly.
14 July 2015
Dr Nicola Heron, Programme Director, NIHR Devices for Dignity discusses Devices for Dignity, a Healthcare Technology Cooperative, part of the NIHR infrastructure. Based in the NHS, it aims to deliver innovative technology solutions to support people living with long-term conditions, preserving their dignity and independence.
30 June 2015
The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) is creating a free database of characteristics and traits relevant to each of the 20,000 genes in the mouse genome. This is revealing new insights into the genes we share, facilitating medical research and identifying genes that could play a role in human disease. Alice Tobin, communications officer at MRC Harwell, explains how it could boost charities’ research.
23 June 2015
As the main phase of the 100,000 Genomes Project begins, Professor Mark Caulfield, Chief Scientist at Genomics England blogs about its clinical interpretation partnership (GeCIP). This is the way that academics, clinicians and those in training will work with Genomics England on the project to drive up clinical interpretation.
18 June 2015
On Friday 12 June, Rachel and I attended the 8th MRC Wellcome Trust Press Officers’ Conference. We wanted to share what we learned with other press, communications and public affairs teams. Take a look below.
17 June 2015
Last summer, the research, media and policy teams at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research ran a workshop for all staff. The key aims were to make sure everyone working for the charity understood the research they did and knew how to handle questions from the public.